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They say that diamonds are a girlís best friend, but shampoo has got to run a close second. After all, shampoo helps your hair to feel clean and full of body, and can give you that all-important shine. And there sure are some men who canít live without the right shampoo too! But when you visit the local beauty store or pharmacy, the selection of shampoo can be overwhelming. Which one do you choose? Whatís the difference between each of them? Well, finding the right shampoo is a tough but important job so here are some quick tips on picking that special shampoo.

Types of Shampoo
The first thing to get familiar with are the different types of hair shampoo. First, there is regular shampoo, which is what most of us are familiar with. Regular shampoo contains soap, fragrance, and various chemical additives. Then, there is herbal shampoo, made out of special herb, flower, and plant extracts. Finally there is natural shampoo, which contains no extra additives or chemicals. Depending upon your own personal preferences, you may feel more comfortable with a natural or herbal shampoo. Or if you are concerned with price, your best bet is probably the regular shampoo.

What Shampoo Can Do
Shampoo can do more than just clean your hair and make it smell nice. It can also tame out-of-control hair or meet the needs of different types of hair. Hair growth shampoos are supposed to increase the rate of your hair growth, while hair loss shampoo is supposed to trigger hair growth. Baby shampoo can meet the needs of delicate baby hair while dread lock shampoo is specially designed for those long dreadlocks. And if you suffer from dandruff, dandruff shampoo will put an end to those terrible flakes. There is also shampoo for frizzy hair, dry hair, long hair, and short hair. So consider what your shampoo can do for you the next time you lather up.

Not Just for Humans
Shampoo isnít just for humans anymore, either. Pet shampoo is rapidly becoming one of the biggest sellers at pet stores. Pet shampoo is designed to eliminate odors and get rid of fleas, ticks, and other insects. Dog shampoo is especially popular, so pick up some free shampoo samples and get rid of Roverís hair problems.

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