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Planning a wedding? Having difficulty getting organized? Itís no wonder considering all the details you need to deal with: weddings vows; wedding invitations; wedding cake (or will it be wedding cakes?); wedding rings; wedding favors; wedding photos; wedding songs; wedding flowers; wedding decorations; wedding programsÖThe list just goes on! Is it any surprise then that so many couples turn to wedding planners to help them with their wedding ideas (while the others decide on spur-of-the-moment Las Vegas weddings)?

Wedding Vows
Whether you like public speaking or not, weddings always involve at least one wedding speech. If youíre having troubles writing your vows, you may want to consider using some wedding poetry to tell your love how important they are to you. Free Wedding Vows can also be found on the internet.

Once the service is over and you have that wedding ring on your finger, it is time to sit down and hear those wedding toasts. Traditionally, a wedding speech is given by the fatherís of the bride and groom, the groom, the best man and the maid of honor, although anyone else can feel free to speak up if they choose (so long as they are not wedding crashers).

Wedding Dresses
For every bride, the most important part of the wedding is finding just the right wedding gown. Many brides try on hundreds of wedding dresses and look at hundreds of wedding gowns in magazine before they finely locate that perfect one. Wedding gowns are important business when it comes to weddings and will impact every part of the event, so donít stop hunting until you know youíve found "the one". And be sure to bring a picture of your dress to the hairdresser when you are trying out your different wedding hairstyles.

After the Wedding
Once youíve said your "I doís", its time to party! Youíve probably spent a lot of time auditioning wedding bands beforehand, so get on the dance floor and enjoy that wedding music! Of course, youíll also need to save some time for your wedding photography session. In addition to framing your official wedding picture, many couples also like to save a wedding invitation to frame alongside their wedding photo.

Wedding gifts are often sent to you before your actual wedding day, but if you do receive any wedding gifts at your wedding, wait until you get home to open them. Be sure to write down which wedding gift you received from whom so you can send them a thank you card later.

Wedding planning can take a lot out of you but hopefully not so much that you wonít have any energy for the wedding night!

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