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Everyone is on a diet these days. Whether it is the South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, the Zone Diet, a macrobiotic diet, a raw food diet, high fiber diet, low fat diet, or the cabbage soup diet, everyone is trying something. While some people swear that these are just fad diets and not at all a healthy diet, others swear by their special diets.

Fad Diets
Are these diets really fads or do they actually work? Jennifer Aniston used the atkins diet to help her lose some weight while Gwyneth Paltrow has followed a strict microbiotic diet for many years. The south beach diet has also been gaining in popularity as has the zone diet along with a mediterranean diet. Many people have found some weight loss success by following a low carb diet only to find their weight increase once they go off the diet.

Of course, quick weight loss diets are often preferred over diets that take longer to show results. Diets like the 3 day diet, the grapefruit diet, and even the 3 hour diet, have been tried over and over again with few favorable, long-term results.

Diet Plans
Following a diet plan can make your attempt at dieting more successful. If you are using diet supplements, like diet pills or other types of diet products, you will usually be supplied with diet plans or instructions on how to take your diet supplement. Free Diet Plans can often be found on the internet and are useful for people following a diabetic diet, low cholesterol diet, a detox diet or pretty much any other type of diet.

Free Online Diets
Many websites also offer free online weight loss diets. Designed to help people on low carb diets, the Zone diet, using a diet pill, practicing the herballife diet or using some other type of diet weight loss supplements or plan. Finding a site geared towards the diet you are using will also help you find some meal ideas, like low carb and south beach diet recipes.

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